Modificación de plugin original “check_ASM_disk_groups”  de Victor Ruiz disponible en NagiosExchange.
Mejoras añadidas al original:

  • Devuelve datos de rendimiento (perfomance data).
  • Posibilidad de conexión como usuario sin privilegios de sysdba.
  • Usuario, password y modo de conexión de usuario añadidos como parámetros.

Usage:  – -sid <SID> – -ora_home <ORACLE_HOME for SID> – -user <USER> –password <PASS> – -user_mode <normal|sysdba> – -threshold <GROUP_DISK=integer> [[–threshold <GROUP_DISK=integer>] … ]

– -sid: SID” name of ASM instance (in tnsnames.ora)
– -ora_home: ORACLE_HOME for SID, to find tnsnames.ora in \$ORACLE_HOME\network\admin
– -user: User for connect
– -password: Password for user
– -user_mode: normal: ‘normal user’, sysdba: ‘as sysdba’ (default mode = normal, you can use sysdba oracle user for test). For non sysdba Oracle user (recommended) you need privileges: GRANT CREATE SESSION to YourUser; GRANT SELECT ON v_\$asm_diskgroup TO YourUser;
– -threshold: GROUP_DISK_NAME=percentage threshold for used space (range [0..100]). You can add several diskgroups.


Added possibility to use Warning levels.

5 thoughts on “check_ASM_disk_groups

  1. Enrico Franceschini


    compliment for you script, it’s possible to implement the other threshold with exit status WARING?

    Now the script check only the CRITICAL value…

    Thanks in advance

      1. Enrico Franceschini


        i’ve tested your script, the WARNING threshold work perfectly, but the exit status remain always zero…


        1. eldespistado1 Post author

          Hi Enrico.
          A little bug.
          It’s not the same this:
          if ($status != ‘CRITICAL’) {$status = ‘WARNING’; }
          than this
          if ($status ne ‘CRITICAL’) {$status = ‘WARNING’; }
          escalar vs string
          Sorry. Solved.


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