Articulos Certificación LFCE

Network administration

  • Configure network services to start automatically at boot
  • Implement packet filtering
  • Monitorizar el rendimiento de la red
  • Produce and deliver reports on system use, outages and user requests
  • Route IP traffic statically and dynamically
  • Troubleshoot network issues

Network filesystems and file services

Network security

Remote access

  • Configure the firewall with iptables / firewalld!

HTTP services

  • Configure an http client to automatically use a proxy server
  • Install and configure an Apache web server
  • Install and configure the Squid proxy server
  • Restrict access to a web page with Apache
  • Restrict access to the Squid proxy server
  • Setting up name-based virtual web hosts

Email services

  • Configure email aliases
  • Install and configure an IMAP and IMAPS service
  • Install and configure an smtp service
  • Restrict access to an smtp server